BABYMETAL's Choreographer MIKIKO interviewed in English: "Small Talk With Big Names"

Perfume, Sakura Gakuin and BABYMETAL Choreographer MIKIKO was interviewed in English to talk about her career, her choreographies making process, her life in United States, learning English language and more! Check the interview below! 


MIKIKO interviewed in English about her career on: "Small Talk With Big Names"

Mikiko Mizuno (MIKIKO) who is active Choreographer of BABYMETAL since their beginnings was interviewed on NHK's  "Small Talk With Big Names" to talk about her caraeer. In this particular interview MIKIKO shows also her English as she is answering all questions in English. 


MIKIKO talks about the creative processes when she creates a choreography in her studio. 

She also speaks about learning English language, aside she has some troubles to speak, with time she perfectly shares her thoughts. 


MIKIKO speaks about the differences of cultures, talking about her experience living in New York City in United States in the past and comparing Japanese people "shy but with hot passion". It doesn't matter the language or country, if the "creation is geniune will last". 


In addition MIKIKO talks about her future goals, "MIKIKO the director", with her own theater. 


Watch the full interview below! 

Interview by: Small Talk With Big Names


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